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Villa Constance

Designed and built around 1960 by "the father of the condo", architect Lionel Vincent Mayell, Villa Constance is still an unmistakable example of mid-century modern design. Its iconic circular balcony banisters have been seen by every resident of Santa Barbara, CA due to the development's location along the main thoroughfare of State Street.

The new owner of this particular unit wanted to respectfully represent its mid-century heritage while also incorporating touches of flare from the design movements of the early 1900's such as brass dome lamps, a heavy focus on velvet, and bold patterns to enliven the space. The addition of a faux fireplace brought intimacy and spatial separation to an open layout.

A modern interpretation of the classic Martinique palm wallpaper from the Beverly Hills hotel was used to pay tribute to the unit's original pink tiled bathroom, Santa Barbara's vicinity to Hollywood, and the associated glamour of the region's history.