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Custom Fit Your Frames

No need to sulk about having a crooked head - our glasses are adjustable!

The beauty of humankind is that each and every one of us is different. It will be a rare occurrence for you to find a pair of glasses that perfectly fits your face without needing any adjustments. One side might be higher than the other, or the arms (the pieces that rest on your ears) might be a little too tight.

This is exactly what led us to choose the best acetate on the market for all our frames - Mazzucchelli 1849. Using the steps outlined below, you should be able to make small adjustments as needed for the life of your Calispaña frames. Feel free to also bring them into your local optometrist if you don't trust yourself; we don't want you melting your new frames!

1) Using a hairdryer on the LOWEST heat and fan settings, aim the tip of the hairdryer on the part of the frame you want to adjust. If adjusting the bridge (the part that rests on your nose), be sure to aim the hot air away from the lenses. The goal is to slightly warm the acetate so just a little heat will do.

2) As you're holding the heat on the section you want to adjust, count to 10 or set a timer for 10 seconds. Don't wave the hairdryer back and forth - keep it steady in the same position for all 10 seconds.

3) Turn the hairdryer off and quickly get to adjusting the frame how you would like it to bend. While bending the particular section of the frame in your hands, hold it in position for another 10 seconds while the acetate cools down. The trick is to over-compensate your bend as the frame will naturally want to hold its current shape. For example, if bending the arms out to make them less tight around your head, hold them about 30 degrees further than you need before releasing your grip. BE SURE not to place any pressure on the hinges of the frames as you could easily bend the metal of the hinges or even break them.

4) Repeat the first three steps as needed. Taking BABY STEPS is key. It's typical that you will need to repeat the process two to four times before getting the adjustment exactly how you want it. Remember, less is more. Take your time to avoid causing any permanent damage to your frames.

Over time you will find that your frames will need to be adjusted due to normal wear and tear. Leaving them in a hot car or packing them a little too tightly in your suitcase can cause them to lose their ideal shape but following the steps above should get them right back where they belong.

Thanks again for choosing us!