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Calle Ermita

This project started with a rustic townhouse in a small village along the Valencian coast of Spain. 10 years had passed since the previous owners moved back to the UK, leaving the house in a partially dilapidated state. The terrace was completely unusable and the kitchen was open to the elements.

Efforts were taken to modernize the house while maintaining its original character as much as possible. Foundational works of structural integrity and climate resistance were necessary to make the house livable, as a first step in a project that continues to evolve.

Antiques were sourced from open-air markets in neighboring villages while some original pieces from the house were restored and re-purposed. Introducing new pieces was done carefully, leaning towards a mixture between mid-century modern and the bohemian textiles so often associated with Spain (thanks to its historically Moorish roots).

Major works to date include a bathroom adjacent to the kitchen that was converted to a laundry room, doubly serving as an extension to the kitchen with additional storage, sink, and countertops. The neglected terrace was completely transformed to a gathering space and garden, including the addition of an outdoor shower, fireplace, fridge, and maximized seating capacity for such a small space.